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Barrier Free

Tourism should be accessible to everyone, Accessible travel for all is a key requirement for the tourism industry in the 21st century. people or about 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability. In the European Union alone, there are now some 80 million people with disabilities or Restricted Mobility, around 16% of the population. Several international societies and organizations concerned with the restricted mobility tourism emphasize the importance of the handicapped obtaining their rights in the tourism field and Enjoying life in a natural way. Barrier-free travel will become an important quality indicator for tourism services in the 21st century. The World Tourism Organization (WTO), prepares tourist trips for the disabled to the countries where there is the infrastructure to receive this category of tourists, as is the case in many developed countries, which it is clear from the above that there is a global interest in Barrier free tourism, since the early nineties of the last century, as developed countries have made great strides towards developing and modernizing their services and facilities that suit the disabled of different types of their disabilities as a result of the increasing demand for tourism for the disabled globally.


Accessibility is essential for around 10 % of the population, helpful for around 30 percent and can make life easier for every visitor

Deutsche Bahn helped passengers with restricted mobility to board, change and leave trains at over 300 stations across the country. In 2012 they responded to around 550,000 calls for assistance

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